Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Character

My Character

Name: Powder. Sometimes called Powder Puff girl.

Species: Cat. Mixed longhair. She is related to a breed the same as Stinky Joe.

Age: Three years in people years, and 25 in cat years. She acts her age.

Personality: She is a moderately smart cat, she knows what she wants, she is dainty, and she loves to gossip. When uncomfortable she can let you know. She is initiative yet likes her mate to pamper her. She is also known as a flirt.

Objective: Her objective is to be a faster catcher in the middle field as Sonic is still trying to get into little league; she hopes to improve before then.

Super-Objective: She wants to marry her boyfriend someday, she loves him and believes he loves her. They have been going out for three years. His name is Smokey.

Friends: Her friends are Sonic, Smokey, Mittens, Bittey, and Tiger. She tries to befriend and sometimes flirt with Stinky Joe but he often finds reasons to dislike her. She is also friends with small dogs- Oscar, Felix, Casey, and Brandy. She is friendly yet careful of who she befriends.

Hates: She hates huge, black dogs. She hates being in the rain. She hates loud noises, like motorcycle engine, or vacuum noises. She isn't afraid of loud noises, she just finds them annoying. She hates it when she gets a bur in her tail. She hates it when there is another gorgeous cat in town- she gets jealous. She hates it when her boyfriend watches the sports channel on her birthday.

Family: She remembers her mother and siblings when she was a kitten. She still often misses her mother and has dreams of being with her. She has only seen her father a few times. A few weeks after she was born though she ran away from her family because she was the runt and was often thought of as last and forgotten.

Home: She lives in a small apartment with Stinky Joe across from Bittey and Sonic.

Hobbies: She loves to take walks and jog in fields to stay fit whith her friends. She sometimes lifts weights, and does sit-ups. She likes to play catch with her friends to brushen up on her catching skills twice every week.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Character

My Character

Name: Mittens

Species: Normal black and white house cat

Age: Six years old in human years and fifty in cat years.

Objective: to help Sonic get into Little League and some how get over her shyness.

Super-Objective: To help overcome her shyness and start being brave.

Loves: She loves the color blue. She loves Lilacs. She loves to eat potatoe soup. She also loves to knitt and read books on mystery. In short, she is a nerd and loves to do nerd like activities. She secretly has a crush on Tiger the cat. She loves to keep clean. She also loves noodles.

Hates: She hates dogs, loud noises, big crowds, the doctor, spiders, and, sometimes other cats. She also hates dirty places, dishonest friends, and crowds of people.

Hobbies: She knits allot. Sometimes she cooks.

Family: She knew her mother. She never really knew her father or siblings that well. She came from an out-going family of cats that never really had a steady home.

Obstacles: Her obstacle in life is her shyness. What led to this incident was when she was a small kitten. She was playing with her ball near her friends house while her friends family was moving in. Two mover guys were carrying a washing machine and she accidentally got in the way and it fell right on her foot. As soon as they took it off her foot she ran to her room and has been a scaredy-cat since.

Friends: One of her friends is Powder. They both love to go into the flower beds and talk about secret things. They also play with bees there.

A Character

My Character

Name: Stinky Joey. Although his original name was Joey, but all his friends call him Stinky Joe, Stink-head, or Binky because of some silly rumor that got spread about him as a kitten; Apparently he wet the bed as a kitten and left a stinky odor and Mittens found out and gossiped.
Now he pretty much doesn't care what you call him. He now refers himself as Stinky Joe.

Species: Cat mixed

Age: Five years in people years and 38 in cat years, although most of the time now he acts like a cranky 45 year old man.

Hobbies: He loves to play pool. He occasionally plays baseball with his buddy, Sonic. He likes to hunt for rats and catch them for fun. He also loves to make booby traps and sling shots.
Stinky is an outdoor man's cat so he loves being in the wilderness and camping with his friends.

Friends: He has many fare whether friends, but no best friend. In fact many cats who he is friends with, fight with him first, then become his friend if they loose the fight.

Hates: He hates taking baths, he would rather clean himself with a soapy wash cloth. Ever since he was a kitten he was afraid and had nightmares of drowning in the water. He hates being babied, it makes him feel like a nerd. He hates dogs, even small ones. He hates the summer because it is so hot. He is afraid of cars.

Loves: He loves to eat Salmon sandwiches with pickles, mayonnaise, and pecans. He loves shrimp Scampi. He also loves cooked chicken legs. He loves milk, especially chocolate milk. When hunting with his buddies he loves to eat quail but hates to prepare it! He also loves to eat roasted squirrel over the fire. He loves milkshakes. He loves to attend pool table events even if he isn't playing. He loves to have barbeque with all his friends visiting at his house.

Born: He was born in a small town in Southern, California where horses are still kept as pets. He is a country cat.

Family: He had a mother but she left him and his siblings to go get food and never came back. He never got to know his father either. Stinky was an orphan and because his mother left him at such a young age he never really knew how to control certain emotional and physical outbursts.

Objective: His objective for the moment is to help Sonic make it into the little league baseball tournament since Sonic already helped him find a nice home.

Super-Objective: To catch the biggest fabled rat known as THE BEAST and mount its head on his wall.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Creation of a Character III

My Character

Name: Rex

Species: Iguana

Objective: To someday go back to a South American Jungle and live a life amongst other iguanas like himself.

Super Objective: To someday meet his parents.

Age: Rex is five months old in people years and 15 in lizard years.

Personality: He is a soft spoken, Optimistic, and friendly little iguana with loads of patience.

Hobbies: He likes to swim. He also likes to play water polo. He likes to draw. He reads a lot of geographic books.

Hates: He hates cats, birds, and the dentist. He also hates it the mess he makes when he sheds his skin.

Loves: He loves to be clean. He loves company. He loves to eat salads, especially Romaine. He loves to lay out in the sun, especially if he ever gets to the beach.

Pet-peeves: He hates it when somebody tears off his sheded skin, sometimes it can make him itch and it could also sting. He hates really noisy guests. He doesn't like it when guests clean their teeth at the dinner table with their hands.

Family: He has never seen his mom or dad, although he has been with his sister in the pet shop he stayed at before he has been purchased as a pet.

Home: He lives in a cage inside a little girls room in Southern California.

Friends: He has a grouchy neighbor as a friend named Alex who happens to be a normal sized Alligator lizard. He gets along well with Alex, its just that Alex tends to get mad at the most unexpected times, example: in the morning when the sun comes up if it comes into his eye he will get angry. He also finds the little girl that owns him his friend because she talks to him and shows him magazines to read. She is the only one that knows he can read. Her name is Cherity and she is a 10 year old little girl.

Monday, March 3, 2008

A Creation of a Character III

My Character:

Name: Gonzo

Species: Lizard-Anole

Age: Three years in people years, 25 in lizard years, although he acts alot like a 17 year old in lizard years.

Objective: His objective in life is to own his own restauraunt with a bar inside and call it "The Cricket Cocktail Shack."
Super-objective: To survive in a world of Carnivores, like Sonic.

Friends: He lives next to his best friend Greeny-Leeny, who is also a lizard-just a green one.

Home: He also lives in the dessert in Arizona near Sonic the Cat. He lives in a little hole in the ground right by Sonic's mailbox with a small mailbox of his own right beside the entrance of his hole.

Pet-peeves: He doesn't like to lose. If he loses he gets angry and gets all crazy slashing his talens out and biting. He hates being rushed.

Hates: He hates winter because when it is winter he has to sometimes go on vacation to a warmer climate by hooking up with his bird (A swallow) friend to go down to Mexico for a while. He hates leaving his house alone because Sonic the cat might vandalize it. Sometimes he bribes his neighbor Sonic, if he could stay in his house as long as he eats all the spiders.

Loves: He loves to eat bugs, especially crickets. He loves to cook. When he was younger he used to make ham-bugers.

Hobbies: He likes to fly kites for fun sometimes. He likes to jog in the morning. Sometimes he lifts weights. He likes playing video games. He loves to watch football.

Obstacles: Sonic is the biggest obstacle in his life, however other predators are as well. The cold also happens to be an obstacle in his life since he is cold-blooded.

Family: He doesn't remember his mom and dad or his brothers and sisters.

Story of his life before now: He used to live in a pet shop with a bunch of other lizards related to his species. Then someone baught him and took him home. After that he got out of his cage one night with his buddy-Greeny Leeny, to live a life of freedom out on his own.

My Character

My Character:

Name: Sonic the Cat

Species: Siamese cat mixed with Tabby

Age: His general age is one in human years and 21 in cat years, although he acts a lot like an 18 year old most of the time.

Hobbies: He loves to play softball. He especially loves throwing the ball and playing catch with it.

Friends: He doesn't really have a lot of friends because he is a cat and most cats are loners to begin with. Besides he is really annoying anyway! All the friends he has is a group of six other cats he plays softball with in the field next to his house; Stinky, Tiger, Smokey, Felix, Killer (which happens to be a tom-boy girl), and Powder (which also happens to be a girl cat).

Enemies: He doesn't really hate her but fights with his sister Bittey alot.

pet-peeves: He hates any dog. He doesn't like to be teased or bothered while sleeping. He hates water. He doesn't like this one lizard named Gonso, that keeps making fun of him and steeling his mail.

Loves: He loves to sneak up on people and scare them, he feeds off of the reaction his victims give.

Super objective: His main objective in life is to survive and prove to his parents that he could live on his own.

Objective: to make it into the little league of baseball players and become famous. He also hopes this will help him get lots of action with the girls he calls kittens.

His home: He lives in a house by a lake in Arizona with his sister because he loves the sun and hates big crowds. He also loves the environment and wildlife.

Obstacles: Money for him is always an obstacle. He is also bad when it comes to communication skills- he talks alot and hardly listens, plus he is really weird.