Monday, March 3, 2008

A Creation of a Character III

My Character:

Name: Gonzo

Species: Lizard-Anole

Age: Three years in people years, 25 in lizard years, although he acts alot like a 17 year old in lizard years.

Objective: His objective in life is to own his own restauraunt with a bar inside and call it "The Cricket Cocktail Shack."
Super-objective: To survive in a world of Carnivores, like Sonic.

Friends: He lives next to his best friend Greeny-Leeny, who is also a lizard-just a green one.

Home: He also lives in the dessert in Arizona near Sonic the Cat. He lives in a little hole in the ground right by Sonic's mailbox with a small mailbox of his own right beside the entrance of his hole.

Pet-peeves: He doesn't like to lose. If he loses he gets angry and gets all crazy slashing his talens out and biting. He hates being rushed.

Hates: He hates winter because when it is winter he has to sometimes go on vacation to a warmer climate by hooking up with his bird (A swallow) friend to go down to Mexico for a while. He hates leaving his house alone because Sonic the cat might vandalize it. Sometimes he bribes his neighbor Sonic, if he could stay in his house as long as he eats all the spiders.

Loves: He loves to eat bugs, especially crickets. He loves to cook. When he was younger he used to make ham-bugers.

Hobbies: He likes to fly kites for fun sometimes. He likes to jog in the morning. Sometimes he lifts weights. He likes playing video games. He loves to watch football.

Obstacles: Sonic is the biggest obstacle in his life, however other predators are as well. The cold also happens to be an obstacle in his life since he is cold-blooded.

Family: He doesn't remember his mom and dad or his brothers and sisters.

Story of his life before now: He used to live in a pet shop with a bunch of other lizards related to his species. Then someone baught him and took him home. After that he got out of his cage one night with his buddy-Greeny Leeny, to live a life of freedom out on his own.

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