Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Character

My Character

Name: Mittens

Species: Normal black and white house cat

Age: Six years old in human years and fifty in cat years.

Objective: to help Sonic get into Little League and some how get over her shyness.

Super-Objective: To help overcome her shyness and start being brave.

Loves: She loves the color blue. She loves Lilacs. She loves to eat potatoe soup. She also loves to knitt and read books on mystery. In short, she is a nerd and loves to do nerd like activities. She secretly has a crush on Tiger the cat. She loves to keep clean. She also loves noodles.

Hates: She hates dogs, loud noises, big crowds, the doctor, spiders, and, sometimes other cats. She also hates dirty places, dishonest friends, and crowds of people.

Hobbies: She knits allot. Sometimes she cooks.

Family: She knew her mother. She never really knew her father or siblings that well. She came from an out-going family of cats that never really had a steady home.

Obstacles: Her obstacle in life is her shyness. What led to this incident was when she was a small kitten. She was playing with her ball near her friends house while her friends family was moving in. Two mover guys were carrying a washing machine and she accidentally got in the way and it fell right on her foot. As soon as they took it off her foot she ran to her room and has been a scaredy-cat since.

Friends: One of her friends is Powder. They both love to go into the flower beds and talk about secret things. They also play with bees there.

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