Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Character

My Character

Name: Stinky Joey. Although his original name was Joey, but all his friends call him Stinky Joe, Stink-head, or Binky because of some silly rumor that got spread about him as a kitten; Apparently he wet the bed as a kitten and left a stinky odor and Mittens found out and gossiped.
Now he pretty much doesn't care what you call him. He now refers himself as Stinky Joe.

Species: Cat mixed

Age: Five years in people years and 38 in cat years, although most of the time now he acts like a cranky 45 year old man.

Hobbies: He loves to play pool. He occasionally plays baseball with his buddy, Sonic. He likes to hunt for rats and catch them for fun. He also loves to make booby traps and sling shots.
Stinky is an outdoor man's cat so he loves being in the wilderness and camping with his friends.

Friends: He has many fare whether friends, but no best friend. In fact many cats who he is friends with, fight with him first, then become his friend if they loose the fight.

Hates: He hates taking baths, he would rather clean himself with a soapy wash cloth. Ever since he was a kitten he was afraid and had nightmares of drowning in the water. He hates being babied, it makes him feel like a nerd. He hates dogs, even small ones. He hates the summer because it is so hot. He is afraid of cars.

Loves: He loves to eat Salmon sandwiches with pickles, mayonnaise, and pecans. He loves shrimp Scampi. He also loves cooked chicken legs. He loves milk, especially chocolate milk. When hunting with his buddies he loves to eat quail but hates to prepare it! He also loves to eat roasted squirrel over the fire. He loves milkshakes. He loves to attend pool table events even if he isn't playing. He loves to have barbeque with all his friends visiting at his house.

Born: He was born in a small town in Southern, California where horses are still kept as pets. He is a country cat.

Family: He had a mother but she left him and his siblings to go get food and never came back. He never got to know his father either. Stinky was an orphan and because his mother left him at such a young age he never really knew how to control certain emotional and physical outbursts.

Objective: His objective for the moment is to help Sonic make it into the little league baseball tournament since Sonic already helped him find a nice home.

Super-Objective: To catch the biggest fabled rat known as THE BEAST and mount its head on his wall.

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