Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Creation of a Character III

My Character

Name: Rex

Species: Iguana

Objective: To someday go back to a South American Jungle and live a life amongst other iguanas like himself.

Super Objective: To someday meet his parents.

Age: Rex is five months old in people years and 15 in lizard years.

Personality: He is a soft spoken, Optimistic, and friendly little iguana with loads of patience.

Hobbies: He likes to swim. He also likes to play water polo. He likes to draw. He reads a lot of geographic books.

Hates: He hates cats, birds, and the dentist. He also hates it the mess he makes when he sheds his skin.

Loves: He loves to be clean. He loves company. He loves to eat salads, especially Romaine. He loves to lay out in the sun, especially if he ever gets to the beach.

Pet-peeves: He hates it when somebody tears off his sheded skin, sometimes it can make him itch and it could also sting. He hates really noisy guests. He doesn't like it when guests clean their teeth at the dinner table with their hands.

Family: He has never seen his mom or dad, although he has been with his sister in the pet shop he stayed at before he has been purchased as a pet.

Home: He lives in a cage inside a little girls room in Southern California.

Friends: He has a grouchy neighbor as a friend named Alex who happens to be a normal sized Alligator lizard. He gets along well with Alex, its just that Alex tends to get mad at the most unexpected times, example: in the morning when the sun comes up if it comes into his eye he will get angry. He also finds the little girl that owns him his friend because she talks to him and shows him magazines to read. She is the only one that knows he can read. Her name is Cherity and she is a 10 year old little girl.

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