Tuesday, January 29, 2008


In a dream of mine...

A moments lapse in time
I was cold until your hands touched mine,
I was shivering, with chattering teath until you covered them with your lips,
I was hopeless until you gave me hope and all those other tips,
I wasn't shure If I was crazy to try to be normal until you showed me its normal to be crazy,
You keep me off my toes and from being extremely lazy,
I thought you were something I could never find,
You must be in a dream of mine,
If so, that is still fine,
As long as someday you will be my valentine!
Why not we would both be cute?
You've seen that dress and I have seen your suit,
Come on, put it on,
Lets both run to the beach together,
We can play in the sand and enjoy the sunny weather,
That is unless you could think of something better?
But what is better than being with you?
They say when I am near you I act like a bumbling fool,
Nothing on earth or the heavens above,
would convince me other wise that I am not in love!


Aoron's eyes were blue like the sky,
whenever you stare at them you just want to die,

Kasandra's eyes were a deep brown,
she had a tough attitude and always wore a frown,

Carle's eyes were very hazel,
the insides were brown with the outside green like fresh bassil,

Brandy's eyes were rich with a blue jean blue,
dont you envy her? You just want to steel them so you could have them too!

The Sting

Why do you hurt me so?
I thought you said you didn't want me to go?
Your hurtful words lashed out at me like the tail of a scorpion,
Now the words linger as if I have still just been poisoned,
When I am with you my ego feels bruised and battered,
As if the feelings i told you will not and have never mattered,
When I first met you, you were a sweet and intreaging fellow,
I wish I would have known better that you were really fake and shallow,
You told lies and thought I would never find out,
I am glad you are still alone because now you know what it feels like to pout,
I hope you're happy with yourself now,
because you are not with me, but instead flirting with a big fat cow!
Are you happy, is she worth it?
I bet you you don't even know her name you discusting serphant!

Monday, January 28, 2008

A Friend That Wasn't Really A Friend

I had a dream of loosing a friend that wasn't really a friend at all. It was morning and I was summoned to a two storied house for some reason to meat with a friend that wasnt really a friend. Me and him were talking and actually getting along, then we decided to move furniture because we heard on the knews that there was going to be a tsunami. So once we moved the furniture around we went upstairs to peer through the huge glass windows starring at the beach. It began to get cloudy, then windy. Suddenly we could see a huge wave about to hit us so we grabbed onto the nearest thing we could find. I grabbed onto a door and he grabbed onto a pole and we were ready for it to hit us. Meanwhile I looked at him and he at me, then it hit and everything whent every where. It was as if I had blacked out. I found myself on the beach holding onto a twig, he on the other hand was holding onto a tire. We were both holding onto something devoured by the sand as the wave came in. I looked behind me to see if the house was still standing but all I could see was scattered rubble. I then turned to look at him and at the corner of my eye I could see another wave coming to sweep us away. As the wave came I clenched onto the twig tightly. Then it hit and I was miles away from where I was before. I was lying some where else further up the beach when I realized I was alone. Out of exhaustion I passed out latter to wake up with someone holding my hand to get me up. It must have been a rescue team because all I knew was that I was on the beach one minute and in a huge building with hundreds of people in rags I could only assume was a refuge camp for all the homeless people due to the tsunami that hit. I found myself in the midst of hundreds of other people in a line waiting to get their food and new clothing. Somehow my sister found me and I was relieved to have someone I trusted bring me out and guide me to another, much more safer place than here. Then I woke up.

Eventually I figured out this dream meant that me and my so called friend were eventually going to split completely without any contact, and that is exactly what happened after a dream. It was as if a tsunami wiped both our slates clean so we can start over and for get about the past as we forget about each other.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Least Favorite Animals

My least favorite animals are:

  • The buzzard
  • vampire bat
  • leach
  • warthog
  • condor
  • ground hog
  • mole
  • crow
  • opposum

I hate the buzzard because it looks ugly and smelly. I recently found out they poo on their legs to cool themselves off.

I hate the vampire bat because they look ugly and suck on the blood of others.

I hate the leach because it looks like a disfunctional worm and sucks blood out of your skin. The thought of it just makes me shiver!

I dislike the warthog because they are dull in color and piggy-like. They also have rough looking skin that has hairs on it making it look unpleasant.

I dislike the condor because it looks like somebody ran over it's head or shaved off all it's feathers on its head and neck. Other than that I don't mind the bird.

I dislike the groundhog because when I was a child, those stupid things would get into my mothers flower bed and ruin it.

I really dislike the crow because it is an annoying bird that just wont shut-up. When I was a teenager there was a group of crows that would perch on my neighbors tree. They would wake me up with their stupid crowing on Saturdays and Sundays from my lovely sleep.

I don't mind baby opposums, but big opposums are u-g-ly! They have the weirdest heads. Their heads look scary, like somebody grabbed their nose and started pulling it. Their scary heads also have these sharp teeth and bidy black eyes with scary looking gray markings around its eyes. I also dont like them because they used to steal my kitty cat's food when I left it outside. My poor kitty didn't know what was going on!

Monday, January 14, 2008

My Favorite Animals; The Puffin

Puffins are one of the cutest birds in the Polar regions.

Observing the Puffin
The Puffin is a stout bird with a seemingly big head. It has a short tale, white breast and sheeks with a black back and outline. They are almost a foot long in an upright posture standing up. They have a broad, colorful, striped beak during summer for mating. They can swim and fly. Both male and female show off their beaks to one another during mating. They tend to perch on cliff sides hit spontaniously by waves all over the Atlantic. They mainly eat eel and have a friendly composition in their environment.
How I Feel About The Puffin
Puffins are comical in apearance. Whenever I see one, it kinda reminds me of a clown. It has a cute deposition and looks like a friendly animal. I think the Puffin is neat not only because of their colorful bills, but the fact that they can swim and fly. One day I decided to make a cartoon Puffin for my 2-D Animation class. His name was Perry Puffin. He is a clumsy fello that loves to swim! He is also shy and happy. my favorite thing about them is their eyes; they have small, red eyes with two black triangular shapes around it which also add to their funny apearance. I think they are funny and make perfect cartoon charectures.

My Favorite Animals; The Baluga Whale

When I was a child me and my sister used to sing a song about a baluga whale. The song went something like this;

"Baby baluga, Baby baluga, Baby baluga in the deap blue sea,
You swim so wild and you swim so free,
Down in the ocean, in the sea below, Your just a little white whale with a gulp.

Baby baluga, baby baluga, Is your water warm, is your moma home...."

The Baluga whale was one of my favorite creatures in the ocean as a child.
Observing the Baluga
It is such an interesting creature as well. The adult Baluga has a white coat and are known as the "Canaries" of the deep because of their musical voices. The baby baluga's have greyish black coats to blend in the darkness of the ocean. They are part of the whale family if you didn't already know. They also have a distinctive face, with a short snout, bulbouse forhead (probably so they can make interesting noises), and "baby- like" lips. They also have a flexible neck, they are very "fatty" looking, have tiny little eyes, and have a very short dorsal fin.

My feelings twards the Baluga
Whenever I see a baluga whale I can't help but gawk at how cute they are. There faces remind me of a baby's face. I just wish I could come up to one and pinch it's little cheeks and give it a kiss on the forehead because they are just sooooo cute! They seem friendly too. They kinda remind me of the dolphin, but seem more docile. They look like smart and social creatures. I'm kinda glad they live in the polar region, because if they didn't they might be hunted to a scarcety in no time.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Lion And The Baby

( This story gets a bit graphic)

During a moment in my life, when I was trying to find my love I managed to hit a few obstacles on my way. One of those obstacles was a lying, selfish, decieving beast. He had desire for me, but it was only physical physical desire. He was a lie in his own shadow. His attacks were swift as they came pouring out of his mouth. He would hurt my feelings as if I had none. One day he tried to convince me along with other people who believed in the fake barier around himself, that he was civilized. I kept to myself, learning from my past expierience that his words hurt (stabbed) me before. That night I began to think to myself as I was about to sleep, "Maybe he diserves another chance." As I drift to sleep slowly I begin to dream:

I began to dream about a lion. A lion tamer had walked into a wide room bringing with him his pet lion. He told everybody the lion was tame and would never hurt anyone. People gathered all around the lion to watch him as the tamer would brush his hair and pet his face. The lion just sat there. People began getting closer and closer to the lion, and still he wouldn't budge. The lion just sat there. Suddenly the tamer bursted out, "This lion wont even hurt a baby." He then turned to a woman, "Can I see your baby?" She gave it to him without reconsidering or even thinking he was crazy. She trusted the man and that lion. So he took the baby and put it in front of the lion. I thought to myself, "He must be insane!!!" But everybody said the lion was tame and he hasn't even attempted to hurt anyone so why should he hurt someone now. As soon as the man put the baby right in front of his mouth he bit the baby right in half.

After that I woke up upset, later figuring out who the lion was.

Thunder Mountain

I dreampt about a thundering canyon

I was in the car one afternoon with a man. I didn't know who he was yet. We were going to drive to the brown, hilly mountains to pick someone up. There was a weather report on the area where a prediction of a possibly bad storm was about to accur right where we were going. Although I knew this, we still went anyway. I assume it was my idea to go because I am spontaniouse like that and I do love road trips, especially in the mountains.

We continued to drive even though we saw clouds hoovering over the mountainouse range. As we got deeper and deeper into the brown canyon I began to worry a bit because I saw white misty fog beggining to settle on top of one of the hills we just passed. The road began to get twisty and turny as we began to wind our way deeper and deeper into the canyon. The road was empty which made me feel even more regretful of this trip. There was no civilization anywhere other than this one, one storied house on the bottom of the mountain. As we continued to drive through the sharp turns up the mountain I looked over to the driver's seat to see my own dad at the wheel. We must have been driving somewhere to pick up my sister or brother.

As we drove the light gray clouds almost entirely covered the sky and it bagan to drizzle. He kept driving up and up the hills with no fear. I however was scared now. We kept driving and it kept drizzling. Then the clouds began to get grayer and greyer the higher we went up and around. I could now hear thunder. He still kept driving anyway. Then I decided to look at the back seat and "Boom" my whole family was suddenly in the car now, and I was in the back seat sitting by the window on the right.

We now began our journey down, which was not going to be easy. It now began thundering and raining hard. The clouds began to get darker and darker as if they were angry at us. They even began to get lower, as if they were trying to eat us and electricute us. We kept driving anyway. My dad was calm, I was ready to cry because I thought for shure a lightning bolt was gonna hit us or we were going to slip and crash. But he kept going through those twisty and turny roads all the way down the mountain. Every thing got foggy now and it was hard to see. Then suddenly we drove into a spot where it wasnt so bad and the clouds began to lift and we were out of the canyon.

As we left the canyon, the clouds began to lift more and more as we drove out of the stormy place. When we finnally got out of the canyon I could see the sky again as red, yellow, and brown rays began to shoot at the earth as the sun was about to set. I then thought to myself, "Yay, we are out of the storm and going home!" Just then the road made a dramatic turn and I was back in the direction of that dreadful canyon. I then noticed I was not the passenger, and that I was all alone this time. I then began to drive back through the canyon with more confidence, as I drove up and around it I could see my mother driving a car around a hill on the lower part of the canyon. She was driving up too, but for some reason I could not figure out why.

I figure the dream means that I will go through trials in my life, but eventually live through them. As I start moving away from my parents I will begin to get stronger with the lesons they tought me.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Cockatiel and the Love Birds

One night I had a dream of a Cockatiel and two Love Birds

I was inside my house in the living room with the lights on. The time must have been six o' clock in the afternoon because the sky was blue indicating that the sun had just set. I was by my pet Cockatiels cage. I was watching him to see what he was doing. He was beutiful. His wings were long and he was in full plumage. He was playing hapily in his cage. I hadn't cut his wings because I thought of it as demeaning, and also hard because it really is hard to trim a birds wings because they are always nervouse.
Then I decided to walk away and do something else. Somehow the Cockatiel got out of his cage. I tried to get him back in but it was too late. Somehow he got outside by passing the living room patio screen door. I assumed it was slightly opened a peak. I decided to run out there in the backyard to go and catch him. Meanwhile awful thoughts were racing in my mind, "What if he doesn't know where to look for food, what if he gets eaten by a cat, or what if he aims wanderously until he dies." I was afraid he may never servive in the "real world" without a humans help because he has been in captivity his whole life.
As I ran outside I started looking in the bushes calling his name (which is something I forgot at this moment). It started to get darker so I started to feel for him as my hands brushed the bushes. All of a sudden, I heard rustling noises in the bushes. I decided to take off my hat and get ready to catch him in it. I couldn't really see what was going on in the bushes, all I heard was a fluttering. So I grabbed one of the bushes limbs by cupping my hand on one side and holding my hat in another to catch it. I did it fast then opened my hand a bit to see if he was in there, but all I saw was two little black eyes shinning at me. I walked carefully into the house to see if it was him but instead saw two lovebirds in the hat instead.
I then decided to take the hat and put it on a stool in the livingroom to get a better look at them. They were cute all cuddled up close to one another, then took one out. One had a broken wing, so I decided to put him back in the hat. Then I picked up the other, and she had one eye with both wings torn out. But one thing I noticed the most was that the one bird with a broken wing had his wings clipped. When I saw this I realized that they might have belonged to my neighbor so I carefully put them both in my Cockatiels cage. As I walked away I thought to myself, "Who could have done such a thing."
Two days passed by and I didn't hear from anyone who's birds they were. I glanced at the neighbor through the kitchen window to see if they were home. I got a call from the police, they said someone had accused me of animal cruelty and that they were comming over to arrest me. I thought, "Who in the right mind would call the police on me for that." And then I woke up.