Monday, February 25, 2008

The Differences Between Similar Things

The difference between a Panda and Grizzly bear:

Panda bears eat Bambo and Grizzly bears eat berries and sometimes animals.
The Panda has a hard time mating, the Grizzly bear doesn't.
The Panda is not a bear, the Grizzly is.
The Panda is related to the common Raccoon, the Grizzly is related to a family of carnivores that were also descendents of the dog family.
The Panda lives in China, the Grizzly lives in Alaska and Northern Canada.
The difference between a Tazmanian Tiger and a Siberian Tiger:
The Tazmanian Tiger lived only on the island of Tazmania (by Austrailia), however the Siberian Tiger only lives in the Siberian part of Russia.
The Tazmanian Tiger is extinct, the Siberian Tiger is endangered.
The Tazmanian Tiger is a marsupial, the Siberian tiger is not.
The Tazmanian Tiger has a long snout and looks like a dog with stripes, the Siberian Tiger has a short powerful muzzle and looks like a huge furry cat.
The Tazmanian Tiger can open its mouth to a 90 degree angle, the Siberian Tiger cannot.
The Siberian Tiger thrives in the snow, the Tazmanian Tiger prefers dessert and hot terrain.
The difference between a Liger and a Tiger:
A Liger has magical powers and skills, a Tiger does not.
A Liger is a cross between a Tiger and Lion, a Tiger is just a boring Tiger.
A Liger has a lions mane, a Tiger doesnt.
A Liger has a ball with spikes for a tail, a Tiger just has a fuzzy tail.
The difference between cartoon skunks and real skunks:
Cartoon skunks have a green cloud to show their smell, real skunks spray you with urine!
Cartoon skunks have cute little French acsents, real skunks squeak.
Cartoon skunks are funny, real skunks are not.
Cartoon skunks can wear clothes and do funny things, real skunks just get into your garden and surprise you.
The funniest thing you can see a cartoon skunk do is get hit in the face with a pan, the funniest thing you can see a real skunk do is get hit by a truck.

What not to do on a first date...

  • Don't scratch the side of your nose-it looks like your picking it from another angle.
  • Don't say, "This is the best date I have had yet" because it makes you sound like an undesirable date.
  • Don't cry if they say they want to be friends first, it may lead to a seriouse relationship especially if they don't know you that well- plus they might make fun of you or scare them away if you cry in their face.
  • Try to turn your cell phone off-it is kinda rude!
  • Don't be cheap guys! Buy your girl something nice to eat from a moderately expensive restaraunt. It means your not seriouse yet or fishing for a wife; your just having a good comfortable time.
  • If you are nervouse try not to interupt your date when he/she is talking.
  • Dont say they remind you of a family member of yours-like your dad, brother or sister!
  • Dont oogle at other attractive girls boys! And girls, the same goes for you and that hotty over there in your view.
  • Dont blow your top when you see them talking to their friends.
  • Don't be clingy and follow your date everywhere, it makes them feel suffocated.
  • Don't lie, they will figure you out sooner or latter.
  • And please guys, don't have your relative, mother, or friend drive you two around, it makes you look like you are a free-loader!
  • Try not to wear clothes you would normally wear on your day-off. Example: sweats or torn up jeans with a hole in the crotch.
  • Don't say, "I have been single so long, I could go for anything right now."
  • Guys don't smack your date on the butt until you know your date actually likes you!
  • Don't say, "Can I smell you?"
  • Don't forget to wash your hands after using the restroom, they might be in a room next to you listening.
  • Don't tell them, "You are the cleanest person I know."
  • Dont forget to put deoderant on!
  • Don't eat anything with onions in it if you can help it!
  • Don't tell them humiliating stories about you until after you get to know them well.
  • Don't talk about your ex if you can help it!
  • Don't put them in the spot light and say after a meal, "Here, you throw my food away."
  • Don't be bossy
  • Don't be too nosy
  • Don't point out their obviouse flaws-after all, nobody is perfect.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Big Journey

I lived in a lake,
I will now swim up the stream.
Tomorrow I hope I will wake,
and hopefully fulfill my lifelong dream.
I worked hard to survive until today,
living in an area grizzly bears love to play.
Many of my good friends have come and gone,
the time to fulfill there lifelong purpose is not that very long.
We all try to live, share, and play from day to day,
even though some of us cant live very long anyway.

As I swim up the stream with such terrific force,
I can see some of my friends get eaten by bears with great remorse.
there is not much I can do, or much I can say,
I don't think it would matter if I helped them anyway.
We all have to die someday it is a natural rule,
to deny mortality after spawning would make you a fool!

It is early in the morning through the break of dawn,
that I get ready to fulfill my destiny-to finally spawn.
As I finally make it with all of my power and strength,
I gently swim through the lake to find the right partner and mate.
After we are all done with the race,
we all spontaneously float up from all over the place.
There is a salmon here, a salmon there, we are now dying everywhere.

Although it may look as though we are in pain,
In return there is much to gain.
millions of baby salmon will awake soon from their nests,
to feed and grow in the lakes and streams in Alaska we all loved best!

-Anita Brett

Friday, February 22, 2008

Memories i hope to never forget II

My brothers:
I remember when my brother graduated from boot-camp at camp Penalton in San Diego and became a marine. When we saw all the men (no longer boys) standing in front of us as we stared down at them on the benches it was hard to tell who was who because they all had the same expression on their faces. Even then it was hard to see their faces because their hats sat low on their heads as they stood very still in the sun while the Sargent was talking to us on the microphone.

I also remember the expression on my younger brother's face when he was looking back at the group of soldiers. He had tears of joy in his eyes just as well as almost everybody else did in the audience. I never thought my younger brother could take a serious moment until now-normally he laughs or makes a joke out of something.

My Artistic accomplishments:
I remember my first public mural. Me and my friends at Norco High decided to paint a mural of New York after the attack on the Twin Towers. We used pictures of magazines to help us paint the huge picture. Even now I bet it is still there in that same hallway by the library.

I remember the first art award I got from school. I was in elementary school when they were having a contest. I turned in a drawing of all sorts of fish in the ocean and won. I will never forget what a lady said to me when she saw me. She told me she thought the different fish to her symbolized all the different kinds of people, ethnicities, and cultures in the world. I just thought fish were beutiful and that was it. It was then that I figured out why people liked art-because it either reminds them of interesting themes or because it sooths the mind and speaks to their heart...or something like that.

My first pet:
My first dog wasn't really my dog, it was my grandmothers' dog. Her name was Lady and she was a Cocker Spaniel. When I was seven is when my grandmother had her. I used to play hide and seek with her.

Memorys I hope to never forget

Memories of my Grandpa from my moms side:
I remember one time when I was five years old playing with him at the dinner table. I was hidding from him and he was making his hand into a little animal that would find me.

I also remember at Xmas and other holidays when he would pretend to take off his thumb then put it back on. I always tried to figure it out by going behind him, but he never let me see how he did it.

Memories of my Grandpa from my dads' side:
Me, my brother and sister would go for walks with him.

We used to go traveling with them around the United States.

My Grandpa never told my parents that one day I went deep into the woods behind the house to find him and my brother with my sister.

Memories of my sister:
When we were little we used to play on the swings at our grandparents house.

When we were also little we played in our backyard with toy dinosaurs and made a town. We used the big rocks to make a mini apartment for the dinosaurs. We turned it into a little soap opera!

We used to plot mischievus things on my brother by taping his voice and saying something about him later in the microphone. We were brats!

I also remember coming to the Girl Scout meetings with my sister at her annoying friends house.

Memories of my dog Sheba:
I remember teaching her tricks. She was a smart dog.

I remember all the cute little puppies she had.

Relationships I remember:
I remember my best friend when I was a little girl. Her name was Annette. I recently saw her again as I was substituting at Santiago High School last year. She was a Substitute Teacher and hoped to become a real teacher some day! I told her I wanted to become a Teacher's Aid and that I was too scared to become a teacher. She was always so smart and I always competed with her when we were in elementary school. I hope to see her again.

I remember hearing that my other friend from Norco High named Vanessa was a Teacher as well recently, but every time I try to call her now she is almost always buisy.

I remember my first kiss. It was at night near the side of a road with the city lights glistening back at us.

I remember the first good kiss I got from a guy I dated. It felt so good! I felt like I was literaly melting.

I remember my first puppy love relationship. I believe It was when I was 5 years old. I was friends with this boy named Brent that my parents babysat. He told me I was his girlfriend and used to get jealouse when I would play with other boys. We never kissed we just used to play and hug.

Well thats enough about my memories for now.
I hope someday when I am old and forgetful that I will look at this list and enjoy remembering the best times of my life.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pets or Raisonettes? III

As I grew into adulthood my taste in pets became more ordinary...

I had a beta fish that I got from our garage sale me and my mom bought to sell. No one bought him so I just kept him. He had beutiful ruby red colors all over his body. He was a beutiful fish. I kept him in my room and named him Homer. I originally wasn't going to name him at all but Homer just sounded funny. I had him for three years then he died when he got a small fin disease, mainly because of old age. It was weired; when he got older the color in his fins began to fade and become dull. At least he lived a good long life. Then I got another Beta that lived for a year until my mom asked to take him to work with her. After that one day.... he died. I guess she didn't know you had to clean the bowl every week!

After that I decided to get a hermit crab that lived only a week! My gosh are they weired looking. My mom thought I was crazy for getting something ugly like that. I didn't think it was ugly, I thought it was neat because they live in a shell that they could get out of when they get bigger. The one I got was purple (cool!) and I thought it was kinda funny looking how he walked sideways wherever you laid him. I named him Hermes. I also thought it was funny how my weiner dog (Dachshund) would bark in terror whenever Hermes would crawl on the floor ( my dog was mortified!). Then one night I guess he slept the wrong way and died. I guess I shouldn't have put all those rocks in the aquarium and should have put just sand in like the lady said. Hermit crabs cannot live upside down on their shell.

My last but not least pet that deceased was a miniature horse named Matilda. It wasn't originally mine, it was my friends' friends' ex-girlfriends' pony. I adopted her because she was cute. She suffered from an inner gut problem due to her miscariege a few years earlier. I came over to the ranch almost every day to brush her and cut her hair. She was so cute after I did her hair in braids for the 4th of July! Sometimes I would even jog with her around the neighborhood. She was a weired pony because she didn't really like people in general; when ever I or my friend would come near her she would walk away. She kinda reminded me of Eore becaue she was always down. Then one day I had to go on a road trip. When I came back my friend told me she died. I asked how and he told me while he was getting his garage sale ready she must have laid on her side to rest, causing her to suffocate to death (Horses aren't supposed to lay on their sides very long or the waight of their own bodies will suffocate them). I still miss Mo Mo (Matilda). My friend said that the pet doctor said he was surprised she lived so long due to her messed up insides, so technically it was no ones' fault. As a mamento of her I drew a picture of her for my Fundamentals of Design class in college (AI) during my first quarter in 2007.

Pets or Raisonettes? II

When I got older I started to like modern pets...

My parents decided to get me a bird one-day. The bird I ended up getting was a cockatiel. I named her Tina. I got her when she was a baby. I used to feed her baby bird food through a serenge. She was cute until she started biting me. When she got older she started to lay eggs. Sometimes I would try to hold her but she would peck at me! After a while she was mean, messy and got annoying so I put her outside in the backyard. Then one night I forgot to bring her in the house and left her outside all night. When I got up in the morning I went outside to feed her and the cage was on the floor with the door wide opened. It looked as if someone had accidentally tipped over the cage and let her out. Then we looked around and found out that it was a stray cat that got her and ate her because there were feathers everywhere! I was sorta discusted after that and didn't ever want a Cockatiel again.

I had a dog that my mom baught me and her name was Sheba. She was a German shephard mixed with husky and wolf. She was a very friendly dog. I liked her so much that I almost hate to mention what had happened to her. She lived a good long life and had lots of litters of puppies, an amazing 12 to 11 twice almost every year. Although 10 to 6 would almost always make it from infant hood to puppy hood. Then one day we got her spaid and got rid of her hubby, because we were going to move to the suburbs. When we moved in our house we didn't really think she was going to go crazy and jump the neighbors fence and eat their poodle, but she did. I think she must have thought it was a cat, my gosh I even thought it was a cat! Apperantly this lady dog-catcher had caught my dog to take to the pound and took it upon herself to put her to sleep because she thought it would be too expensive for us to pay a fine for eating the neighbors dog. When I heard her say this to my mom I told her, "You killed my dog?" After that she couldn't look at us for the rest of that conversation (.......... I'm sad now).

After a while I was tired of animals that required high maintenance.

Pets or Raisonettes?

When I was younger I used to go through pets like kids go through a bag of chocolate covered raisins.

My first ever pet was a kitten named Felix. He was black and white with a white streaked nose. I thought he was a nice kitten but whenever I played with him under the table he would hiss at me, then I didn't like him as much. One day my mother told me he ran away, and I was upset. I then asked how she knew and she told me she saw the kitten run away by these kids who liked him then picked him up. I was sad for only a little while, then got over it.

Then I asked for a pet iguana (I don't know what I was thinking!) for xmas. When Xmas came there he was in a present with holes in it. I named him Rex because he had spikes on his head that reminded me of a tyranosaurus. He was a beutiful lizard. He had a green body with spikes along his back and head like a dinosaur. He also had a long, whip like tail that had black stripes on it. His head was light green mixed with turquise. He also had a neck flap with spikes on it that flaired out like a flag whenever he was scared and happy. He was a cute little thing, then something bad axidentally happened. five hours later, my sister was playing with her barbie doll in front of me while I was holding Rex. We never noticed it, but Rex's long claw got caught on her barbie's hair and she threw it in our toy box and along he went with it! I nearly freaked when I noticed he was out of my hand. I thought he was a goner for shure! But when I got him out of the toybox he seemed okay, that is everything ucsept his leg. His leg was fractured! I was so upset I thought I would never be happy again. I then showed my dad and he made him a little bandage. After that I begged him to take him to the vet but he said he couldnt afford it. My lizard lived for a while after that incident until I had to give him away.

One day my dad bought a pet python. He was so small yet lazy for a snake. Every time we tried to feed him a mouse he wouldn't eat it so we thought he wasn't hungry. Then one day I was playing with him on the floor to see if he would slither, and instead he started choking to death. I freaked out and started to scream. Then when he stopped moving around he died. I was so upset, he was such a beautiful snake. When we took him back the lady said he must have choked on a rat at the pet shop before we bought him. I was so sad.

I remember when me and my sister used to have these two lizards in our bedroom. For some reason her's always lived and mine always died. Her lizard was named Gonzo and mine was named Greeny Leeny. Everything was fine with my lizard until he got sick and died. I still think he either ate something bad, or it could have been that orange juice he drank from my fallen cup... or maybe it was because I gave him a bath with soap. Either way he was gone and there was nothing I could have done but get another lizard. Poor little guy.

After a while my parents stopped buying me pet lizards.

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Homeless Dog

There once was a homeless dog that grew up in the streets. He was a German Shephard without a name. He lived on the city streets of Maine. For food he sometimes begged deli shop owners and fishermen. Alot of times fishermen would reel in fish from the dock and give him one. Other times he would go for a swim and fish himself some dinner. He was a smart dog, and not just street smart. He was the pup of a dog named Lucy who's owner was named Taylor. Lucy and Taylor used to go boating in the ocean. Taylor was a nice 25 year old marine diver that used to be in the Navy. One day her and her dog decided to go fishing for shrimp when a horrible storm came by and destroyed their boat leaving Taylor and Lucy with nothing but a life saver to swim back. But the night was so horrible the two almost drowned and where found on the beach early the next morning by her boyfriend, Jimmy, who happened to be a Scubba Diver. He took Taylor to the hospital and told his mother to take care of Lucy. Lucy was the least of his problems so he decided to take care of his girlfriend first. Lucy seemed fine, but sad because it would be months before she could see her owner again. Taylor had a fractured colar bone, leg, rib and could barely move. Lucy on the other hand, kept at Jimmy's mother's house, was sad and longed to see her owner so in a desperate attempt she escaped out of the backyard and into the city. Along the way for her search I imagined that she met another dog along the way, probably a stray Pointer, and had three puppies in the streets. Lucy took care of them until she got caught one day trying to find food, and the puppies were left to fend for themselves and that is where our unnamed dog comes into the picture.

Men or Mice

There was a little mouse named Nikki. He was a ordinary brown colored mouse. He lived in a field with Tarantulas, lizards, kangaroo rats, jack rabbits, squirrels, skunks and ground hogs as neighbors. Every mourning he would get out of his little nest he made under the ground to catch seeds and bugs to eat. He loved to eat grasshoppers, especially the little green ones that come out in the spring, they were so juicy. He was a tidy mouse and always cleaned himself up before and after dinner. He lived behind a couple of houses in a huge field that used to hold orange groves, but was taken out five years ago. He hates the birds because they sometimes steel his lunch and this morning was no exception, because a sparrow already stole this tasty sun flower seed he worked for days to collect right out of his hands. Down by the river bed there is a patch of sun flowers, and during the summer he always goes down there with his buddy James, so he could create a diversion if any coyote tried to catch him. He would go down there with his mouse buddy during the night and just squeak about how he missed his family and how big the harvest was going to be before winter.
This year James was going to live by Nikki because he explaines that their is a coyote pack that has moved down from the mountains (seen largely in the distance of their home), and has come down to find more food. Nikki like a good friend, allows him to stay. Although him and his buddy are opposites, he does get along with him quite well. Nikki was tiddy, clean, and shy because his family was always weary of strangers; and James was very friendly and open with his wishes and desires. He was the fattest mouse in his family because he was always aggressive when it came to food. As far as companionship, Nikki was never really good with the lady mice, but James, well lets just say he is on his fourth relationship this year and each one is a different mouse. As these two mice live together they find out a lot about the experiences of life and death, in much of the same way that we people do. Hopefully but surefully they will be friends forever.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I Miss Family

This is my first time living without my parents. In August, I believe, is when I actually moved out and into a three bedroom house with my 80 year old grandmother. I like it because it is peacful and quiet, but a lot of times I miss the commotion of my old home.
I miss my brother playing his guitar.
I miss my mom arguing with me and scolding me when I come home late.
I miss my old room, because it was nice and big. The room I have now is sorta small.
I miss my dad playing on the piano. I especially liked it when he played that song from Maverick, "The Entertainer."
I miss their two pet Dachshunds, Oscar (a miniature) and Felix (normal size). Weinny dogs are soo cute because they have long bodies with stubby little legs so when they fall down stairs or as they run too fast they tend to roll sideways like a hot dog. The two dogs my parents have are completely brown so they definately look like hot dogs! I miss when my family would buy food once a week from McDonnalds and we would eat together in the dinning room because my mom hated cooking. I miss the big screen television in our living room. It was so clear. One of the most weirdest things of all is the fact that I miss my mom waking me up every Saturday and Sunday morning at around 9:00 am. She would either wake me up by playing the music on her stario downstairs really loud or she would show up in my room and say, "It's almost noon Anita, wake up," and then I would wake up and look at the clock and it would only be nine o' clock in the morning. Sometimes my dog Oscar would wake me up and I would always suspect she was the one who put him up to it. He would go in my room and gently scratch the side of my bed. I would feel my bed vibrating and would eventually wake up. After that I would pick him up and bring him up on my bed and he would lick me to death, then jump down and go downstairs again. He was so unbelievably cute. Well I am grateful that at least I live only two blocks away from my parents home, so I could go and visit them whenever I miss them. But for now I have to prove to them that I can live on my own.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Dark Side Of The Moon

I have a ring with the face of the moon on it. It depicts the dark side of the moon. It is basically a face carved on black onyx with a stirling silver design attached to make the rest of the ring. Now what do we think of when we hear "Dark Side of the Moon?" Mystery? Pink Floyd? Conspiracy? Or insanity?

Well first of all there is no permanent "dark side of the moon," and second, whenever the dark side of the moon is faced towards us, the earth, it is considered a "new moon." The sun has basically shinned on every part of the moon because it rotates. It rotates as it circles the earth.

Although, whenever I think of how mysteriouse the dark side of the moon is, I start to think of the philosophy of the meaning of the saying. First of all, since the dark side of the moon is eventually revealed, it could be a symbol of change. Second, most of us dipict the moon as a crescent shape when the dark side is covering it hidden and forgotten during the rest of the night. Its there and will be there peering back at us even though we don't see it; kind of like the love of an unnoticed lover, child or mother. The shadow creates an optical illusion. It also reminds me of the saying, "just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there." Although as rare as it may seem, it is almost impossible to see the entire dark side at night. Only someone who cared deeply enough about the mysteries it beholds would know when, where and why the moon is sometimes dark which is true not only for the moon, but people as well. I am like the dark side of the moon in a way that I only reveal myself to people who care about me.

A far as conspiracy goes, there was a conspiracy that the moon was never discovered by NASA, but I believe otherwise. Why would they spend so much money on the rocket and supplies just to have it filmed on earth in the dessert? People used to think there was life on the moon, but that all changed when we started studying it. The moon is a cold, weatherless, and lifeless place. It has nearly no gravity, because of its small size, and has over a dozen craters around its surface. Some scientists believed it used to be part of the earth until a comet or asteroid collided with it, causing a big chip to come out of the earth eventually forming into a small sphere. And actually, the moon isn't entirely round, it is nearly eggshaped which raised further questions about its past! The moon can also tell us a story of a rough past earth has had. Most scientist believe that the markings on the moon tell us of catastrophic meteor showers that not only hit the moon but earth as well. And it is no surprise to me that it might have happened because there are even huge craters on the earth, such as the huge crater in Arizona that reflect on that catastrophe long ago.

The moon contains many mysterys. Many of these mysterys are what make the moon unique as it is. It could stand for meaning, our first step twards discovering outerspace, discover past catastrophies and future catastrophies that may come. The dark side is also what makes it what it is and how unique it looks. But remember, just because you cant see it doesnt mean it isn't there in front or beyond you.