Monday, March 3, 2008

My Character

My Character:

Name: Sonic the Cat

Species: Siamese cat mixed with Tabby

Age: His general age is one in human years and 21 in cat years, although he acts a lot like an 18 year old most of the time.

Hobbies: He loves to play softball. He especially loves throwing the ball and playing catch with it.

Friends: He doesn't really have a lot of friends because he is a cat and most cats are loners to begin with. Besides he is really annoying anyway! All the friends he has is a group of six other cats he plays softball with in the field next to his house; Stinky, Tiger, Smokey, Felix, Killer (which happens to be a tom-boy girl), and Powder (which also happens to be a girl cat).

Enemies: He doesn't really hate her but fights with his sister Bittey alot.

pet-peeves: He hates any dog. He doesn't like to be teased or bothered while sleeping. He hates water. He doesn't like this one lizard named Gonso, that keeps making fun of him and steeling his mail.

Loves: He loves to sneak up on people and scare them, he feeds off of the reaction his victims give.

Super objective: His main objective in life is to survive and prove to his parents that he could live on his own.

Objective: to make it into the little league of baseball players and become famous. He also hopes this will help him get lots of action with the girls he calls kittens.

His home: He lives in a house by a lake in Arizona with his sister because he loves the sun and hates big crowds. He also loves the environment and wildlife.

Obstacles: Money for him is always an obstacle. He is also bad when it comes to communication skills- he talks alot and hardly listens, plus he is really weird.

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