Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Character

My Character

Name: Powder. Sometimes called Powder Puff girl.

Species: Cat. Mixed longhair. She is related to a breed the same as Stinky Joe.

Age: Three years in people years, and 25 in cat years. She acts her age.

Personality: She is a moderately smart cat, she knows what she wants, she is dainty, and she loves to gossip. When uncomfortable she can let you know. She is initiative yet likes her mate to pamper her. She is also known as a flirt.

Objective: Her objective is to be a faster catcher in the middle field as Sonic is still trying to get into little league; she hopes to improve before then.

Super-Objective: She wants to marry her boyfriend someday, she loves him and believes he loves her. They have been going out for three years. His name is Smokey.

Friends: Her friends are Sonic, Smokey, Mittens, Bittey, and Tiger. She tries to befriend and sometimes flirt with Stinky Joe but he often finds reasons to dislike her. She is also friends with small dogs- Oscar, Felix, Casey, and Brandy. She is friendly yet careful of who she befriends.

Hates: She hates huge, black dogs. She hates being in the rain. She hates loud noises, like motorcycle engine, or vacuum noises. She isn't afraid of loud noises, she just finds them annoying. She hates it when she gets a bur in her tail. She hates it when there is another gorgeous cat in town- she gets jealous. She hates it when her boyfriend watches the sports channel on her birthday.

Family: She remembers her mother and siblings when she was a kitten. She still often misses her mother and has dreams of being with her. She has only seen her father a few times. A few weeks after she was born though she ran away from her family because she was the runt and was often thought of as last and forgotten.

Home: She lives in a small apartment with Stinky Joe across from Bittey and Sonic.

Hobbies: She loves to take walks and jog in fields to stay fit whith her friends. She sometimes lifts weights, and does sit-ups. She likes to play catch with her friends to brushen up on her catching skills twice every week.

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